Josefina Paulson (SE)

A modern musican with tradition, where the keyed fiddle sounds like nyckelharpa and brings an earthy taste into genres other than the traditional music. Josefina embraces the instruments many possibilities, from the roots of the Uppland tradition, to its large crown of new infuences from other cultures. A musican standing grounded in her own tradition, exploring new territory.

In Delsbo 2008, Josefina was awarded the title ”riksspelman” (national folk musican) by the ZornJury with the motivation "for playing the nyckelharpa lively and skillful, in the tradition of Uppland" In Västmanland, 2009 she received the Cultural Award from VLT on the ground "Josefina IS music" 2011 Josefina received the ”Bror Hjorth Scholarship” with the jurys motivation ”technically brilliant, very committed performance on the keyed fiddle with both the preservation of cultural traditions and a gentle personal and creative rejuvenation” Josefina has studied the one year course at Eric Sahlström Institutet and also have a bachelor in music, with the keyedfiddle as main instrument, at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Josefina play on a nyckelharpa (1994) and a kontrabasharpa (1998) built by Hans Gille, Österbybruk, Sweden and use a bow made by Jean Claude Condi, Mirecourt, France

Näsbom Brothers (SE)

As long as they can remember they've been playing together. Born and raised in the province of Uppland, they learned to play the fiddle from their father. Growing up in a house full of music, they came in contact with many fiddlers and folk-musicians. Eric Sahlström was one. And so was Viksta Lasse.

Torbjörn - Born in Kyrkbyn, the home county of the nyckelharpa, it was only natural for Torbjörn to play around with keys and tuning understrings strings. The nyckelharpa has now spread all over Sweden and beyond her borders, but no one plays it quite like Torbjörn.

Pär - moved to Winterthur, Switzerland, more than twentyfive years ago were he lives with his family, working as a musician.

Despite the big distance separating them, the boys have kept playing together all these years and have been touring around the world playing their Uppland-tunes. Now, both in their fifties, they have made their first and long awaited CD together: "Upptakt“.


Knep is a duo based on scandinavian music and silly hairy stuff.

It's a guitar, an irish flute, a fiddle and a nyckelharpa. It's a debate about octopuses on stage.

It's a solution for how to wear a hat. It's a revolutionary way of surviving in cold conditions.


Pascal Rüegger
Guitar, Irish flute

Emilie Waldken
Nyckelharpa, Fiddle

ROR Trio (SE, CH, P)

Three musicians from Switzerlan, Portugal and Sweden.

Three musical personalities that find each other in powerful and exciting language

Folk dance muisc from your home lands as well as own compositions form the heart of our repertoire. Respecting the tradition and form in a creative way with wild varation and fiery improvisation.

A real musical cook with a rich menu of tasfull pieces taken from your own kitchen....
Bon appétit!


Martina Gloor (Flöte), Zé Oliveira (Akkordeon), Tyko Runesson (Gitarre, Mandoline)

Le Chat qui Danse (CH, IT, P)

Le Chat qui Danse is playing since 2006 for dancing: weddings, birtdays and other events, such as bal folk bals and workshops in Switzerland. The six headed and twelve footed group knows how to enchant you with their sympathetic and spontaneous art. Bal folk couple, circle and row dances are danced on live music and when necessary the steps are shown. Traditional melodies are mixed with modern compositions.

Le Chat qui Danse plays on the stage, on the streets, folk to dream, folk to dance to, wild and free, however not without an audience.

Jenny Demaret (FR)

Jenny has been playing the fiddle for few years when she discovers 2007 Swedish music and "nyckelharpa" (key fiddle). She leaves France and goes to live in Sweden in 2008-2009. There she studies folk music on fiddle and keyed fiddle : Birka Folkhögskola and Erik Sahlström Institut.
Back to France after this experience, she shares her passion for the Swedish music with other musicians and she creates several musical projects and bands.
Today, she regularly returns to Sweden to continue to learn and to play with Swedish musicians.
Jenny also plays on folk dances. She plays Celtic, American music, world music in children's gigs.
For few months, she has been playing traditional music from central France (Auvergne, Limousin) on fiddle and medieval music on keyed fiddle.