Erika Lindqvist (SE)

"Experience the northern dance form polska, with focus on musicality, communication and playful exploration of different polska traditions".



Erika Lindqvist is a dancer and dance teacher from Uppland, Sweden who teaches and performs in Sweden and throughout the world.

Erika first started dancing as a five-year-old, in a small folk dance association in the countryside of Uppland where she lived as a child.  Growing up in the folk dance community has provided her with a deep and extensive knowledge of Swedish and Scandinavian traditional, as well as experimental folk dance.  Later on she also attained formal education and training at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Tobo and at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm

As a teacher and artist she works to acknowledge contemporary folk dance and focuses on exploring what folk dancing means in the context of today.

Linda Trolese (CH)

Linda Trolese is trained in contemporary dance and since eleven years passionate bal folk dancer. She dances in mulitple dance and music projects and regularly teaches at private and public events.

Sylvian Sahli (CH)

Sylvian Sahli, danceteacher Swedish Dances